30 Endangered species in 30 pieces


About this project

In pieces is an interactive exhibition turned study into 30 of the world’s most interesting but unfortunately endangered species  – their survivals laying literally, in pieces.

Each species has a common struggle and is represented by one of 30 pieces which come together to form one another. The collection is a celebration of genic diversity and an attempting reminder of the beauty we are on the verge of losing as every moment passes. These 30 animals have been chosen for their differences, so that we can learn about species we didn’t know about previously as well as the struggles they have surviving. Many of them evolved in a particular way which makes them evolutionarily distinct.


Take for example the Kakapo, an animal which evolved without natural predators and thus didn’t require instincts to defend itself. Unfortunately — and as is the case with most of the species showcased here — humans began easily hunting upon encroaching their range, then introduced the stoat and other forms of pest control for other species. The Kakapo was almost completely wiped outthrough this introduction and fights on today because of this catastrophic lack of judgement.

When you dig into a lot of research around this topic, it’s not long before you see the real darkness that is going on. Millions of years of evolution has occurred and humans are in danger of ruining it through desperation for financial gain or greed.


There are some species here who as grim as it sounds, would require a small miracle to survive because the numbers are too low to rationally continue to exist, Vaquita being one such example.

In Pieces hopes to educate and inspire, and provoke thought on this complex and intricate topic. I sincerely hope that you can take something new away and enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed researching, designing and building it.



Author: Esperanza van den Ham