Aaron James Draplin

If you got some free time, watch this video. Do it. You should: http://typotalks.com/videos/tall-tales-from-a-large-man/

Aaron Draplin looks like a truck driver, swears like a sailor, and designs like a master artist. Through his designs, he is doing his part to preserve Americana.
This guy with a rough exterior sees the beauty in found objects as he rambles through his town of Portland, Oregon, or treks across the country looking for lost things that others may have thrown away or long since forgotten. What excites him is finding a big motel sign still intact from the 1950s or a dusty box holding an oil filter from who knows when that has a timeless design with old type. He’s not afraid to get dirty as he and his crew walk the railroad tracks or explore places others would be hesitant to go to find these gems.
Aaron will tell you that the value of a truly great design doesn’t always equate to high dollars. The project that wins him little to no money is just as exciting for him as the work he does for big name clients, and each can tell a valuable story.


Using scientific proof and state-of-the-art multimedia techniques, Aaron James Draplin delivers a suckerpunch of a talk that aims to provide bonafide proof of work, the highs and lows of a ferociously independent existence and a couple tall tales from his so-called career in the cutthroat world of contemporary graphic design. Just a regular guy with a trajectory a little dirtier than yours, his talk is open to all citizens brave enough to show up. Orange things, long dogs, laffs, tears, dangerous ideas, cosmic trajectories and colorful vectors!



Source: http://www.adobe.com/inspire/2013/05/draplin-tall-tales-big-man.html

Author: Esperanza van den Ham