Lexus created an actual hoverboard

Ever since the movie Back To The Future 2 starring Michael J. Fox, the world has been dreaming about a hoverboard. Not long ago we presented the“farthest journey by hoverboard,” not to mention this year’s real hoverboard by Hendo and of course the “fake” introduction to a hoverboard by Doc Brown and Tony Hawk last year. Nothing has really been the real thing yet, nevertheless fans keep on dreaming about the gliding skateboard finally becoming a reality. Has Lexus come one step further?
As part of its “Amazing in Motion” series of video spectacles, it presents the first real and rideable Lexus hoverboard. In the video above you certainly see a device looking like a hoverboard and it is hovering, yet nobody actually gets onto the hoverboard. Apparently the device has been developed over the last 18 months by Lexus. According to the website, “the Lexus Hoverboard uses magnetic levitation to achieve amazing frictionless movement.
Liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets combine to allow Lexus to create the impossible.” Built from carbon fibre and wood, the device certainly looks beautiful.

Source: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2015/06/24/lexus-real-hoverboard/?utm_campaign=SF+Highsnobiety&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social

Author: Esperanza van den Ham